Barry Bricklin, Ph.D.
Reflects The Sensitivity And Effectiveness With Which
A Parent Responds To Typical Childcare Situations.

Three Scoring levels
PASS Comprehensive Starting Kit



The Parent Awareness Skills Survey (PASS) reflects the sensitivity and effectiveness with which a parent responds to typical childcare situations. Its 6 scores pinpoint parental awareness of: 
  • the critical issues in a given situation;
  • adequate solutions;
  • the need to communicate in terms understandable to a child;
  • the desirability of acknowledging a child's feelings;
  • the importance of the child's own past history in the present circumstance; and
  • the need to pay attention to how the child is responding in order to finetune one's own response.
By targeting skills which reflect a parent's awareness of just what makes a given child unique, the PASS remains faithful to the guiding principle which underlies the Bricklin Associates research approach to custody decision-making: the "meaning" of parental behavior is best understood in terms of a child's ability to be positively influenced by it. This means that "good" parental communication is communication carefully attuned to the unique manner in which a particular child is able to take in, and profit from that communication.

Three Scoring Levels

Scores can be computed at 3 levels:
  • Spontaneous Level: the parent's spontaneous, uninterrupted rsponses to the situations.
  • Probe Level One: parental responses to gentle, non-leading questions.
  • Probe Level Two: parental responses to very direct questions.
This stratification allows the clinician to draw inferences about which responses are reflective of what the parent would access most readily in a given situation, and what is likely to emerge only under more favorable circumstances.


A completed PASS-BOOK provides a permanent record of each PASS that is administered. It contains the questions, answers as given by the parent and the scoring. One PASS-BOOK is used for each parent evaluated. 

Time for administration and scoring: Less than one hour (can take as little as 30 minutes after the clinician has gained experiece with the PASS).

Since 1990, the PASS has been warmly welcomed by custody courts from coast to coast because it provides important information and is easily understood by parents of diverse educational and cultural status. The PASS is now one of the most frequently used custody evaluation instruments for adults.


Contains: PASS Manual and Scoring Guide, 8 PASS-BOOKS, 8 PASS Scoring Summaries, Answer Pen, Updates, Author Contact Number, 3 Years Update Service.

  • Parent Awareness Skills Survey Kit (VP103): $289
  • Additional PASS-BOOKS with Summaries:
  • 10 for $159
  • 20 for $219
  • 30 for $289
  • PASS Manual and Scoring Guide: $169

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